Lamoille Athletics - 2017 - 2018


Girls & Boys Cross Country Practice

Girls & Boys Cross Country Schedule

7th Grade Girls Soccer Practice

7th Grade Boys Soccer Practice

8th Grade Girls Soccer Practice

8th Grade Boys Soccer Practice Schedule will be distributed on the first day of practice.

7th & 8th Grade Girls Soccer Game Schedule

7th & 8th Grade Boys Soccer Game Schedule

7th Grade Girls Basketball Practice

7th Grade Boys Basketball Practice

8th Grade Girls Basketball Practice

8th Grade Boys Basketball Practice

7th & 8th Girls Basketball Game Sched.

7th & 8Th Boys Basketball Game Sched.

Nordic Ski Practice

Nordic Ski Team Meet Schedule

Dance Practice


Softball Practice Schedule

Softball Game Schedule

Baseball Practice Schedule

Baseball Game Schedule

Girls Lacrosse Practice Schedule

Girls Lacrosse Game Schedule

Boys Lacrosse Practice Schedule

Boys Lacrosse Game Schedule

Extra-Curricular Activities

L.U.M.S. offers many extra-curricular activities to students, including drama, music (vocal and instrumental), dance, clubs, student government, and both intramural and interscholastic sports. Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend such activities.

ELIGIBILITY – Lamoille Union Middle School recognizes and promotes the priority of academics within our athletic and student activities programs. While extracurricular activities are an important part of education, academic success remains the primary focus. Coaches and advisors support this position, and will make every effort to accommodate students’ needs as they balance academics with extracurricular activities. It is essential that students and parents understand the following academic eligibility standards.

  • Students who maintain a grade of 70 in each of their core academic classes are fully eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

  • Students placed on academic probation for failing 2 or more classes) may attend practices, but may not dress in uniform, travel with the team/group or participate in any performances or competitions. Students on probation shall have their grades reviewed by the Athletic/Activities Director at progress reports to determine if academic requirements have been met. If academic requirements are met, the student will be fully reinstated. If not, they will remain ineligible, and may not practice or participate until the end of the marking period. Students failing 3 or more classes during or from a preceding marking period are ineligible to participate in all extracurricular activities.

  • For all fall sports, eligibility for eighth graders will be determined by their fourth marking period grades from the previous school year. Students on academic probation for a fall sport will be permitted to participate in scrimmages and competitions. Grades will be checked at the first progress report to determine eligibility for the remainder of the season.

  • Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed/determined by the school’s administrators.

  • These eligibility rules also apply to the L.U.M.S. Ski-n-Ride Program.

CONDUCT ELIGIBILITY As representatives of our school, you accept responsibility for your actions during and after school hours. Therefore, behaviors that result in office referrals, detentions, suspensions or unexcused absences must be addressed. The following discipline criteria will be used for all middle school athletes:
1st Detention/unexcused absence: misses ½ of the next game/activity and will restore/address the harm done through positive actions that may include community/school service.
2nd Detention/unexcused absence: student will miss the following game/activity and will be expected to address the harm done through positive actions.
3rd Detention/unexcused absence/in or out of school suspension(s): Student will be suspended from the team/activity and will be deamed ineligible. A meeting will be developed with the student, parent, administrator and athletic director to review the student’s status.

ATHLETICS - Students may try out for interscholastic teams in the fol-lowing sports (more may be added as student interest and coaches permit):
FALL: Soccer (boys & girls), Cross-country running (coed)
WINTER: Basketball (boys & girls), Cross-country skiing (coed), and Cheerleading
SPRING: Softball (girls), Baseball (boys), Lacrosse (Boys & Girls), Track (coed)

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